About Cliff and Brandon

Cliff Horrell

  • Cliff Horrell, Puyallup Native Radio Program

    Cliff Horrell, main host of the Puyallup Native Radio Program

  • Tommy Lane, Last Puyallup Tribal Chief

    Tommy Lane, last Puyallup Tribal Chief, and direct great-great-great grandfather to both Cliff and Brandon

  • Cliff Horrell speech

    Cliff teaching a class at a Russian University

  • Cliff Horrell award

    Cliff awarding the winner of an MMA match in Russia!

  • Cliff Horrell speech

    Cliff giving a speech to a medium sized crowd

  • Cliff Horrell speech

    Cliff giving a speech

  • Cliff Horrell teaching

    Cliff teaching a class of about 8 students

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All About Cliff

Cliff is from Sacramento California, where he was born and raised. Records on file in our Historical Preservation department shows that both Cliff & Brandon are direct descendants of Tommy Lane, known as the last Chief of the Puyallup Tribe. I wish I had a better link, but there is not a whole lot of information available so that’s all you get. 

Cliff has worked in Hotels since 1999, and is currently a manager for a Fort Collins hotel in Colorado. He lived in Russia for 5 years where he met his wife and owned an English Language school. You can contact him via message to the Puyallup Native Radio Facebook page.

Brandon Horrell

  • Brandon Horrell, Puyallup Tribe Of Indians

    Brandon Horrell, Co-Host of the Puyallup Native Radio Program

  • Brandon Horrell and his cat

    Brandon with his cat, who would rather just be put down.

All About Brandon

Brandon was born and raised in Sacramento California, where he still lives today. He does have a cat, and is not homeless as far as we can tell. 

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Our Studio

Our recording studio is equipped with an Arrakis ARC-8 console, a 360 systems ‘Instant Replay 2’ sound effects machine, an RE-20 & RE-320 microphones from Electrovoice, and “Station Playlist” automation software. Below are some pics

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What The Puyallup Native Radio Program is All About

Your Puyallup Native Radio Program with Cliff & Brandon! The BEST Native American podcast focused on spreading native culture through legends, stories, news, and some political commentary.

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