Health Pile & How Washington Is Hurting Native Americans

On today’s 30 minute radio program, we discuss how Washington is hurting Native Americans. As it turns out, rather than having the Natives best interests in mind, or even white european settlers, the BIA actually is actually doing nothing more than looking out for their OWN interests. Shocking revelation, I know. First however, we begin with a Health Pile, including healthy food shopping tips, how to lie to your scale, and trouble for redheads & skin cancer. Listen to the full 30 minute show by downloading the audio file

From 1900 to 1920, the number of employees grew from 101 to 262. Today, there are about 9,000 employees at the BIA. Their goal now, is to ensure the Government remains an integral and permanant fixure in Native life. On today’s radio program, we discuss the ramifications of this, and give our opinions on this matter.

Listen to the show by downloading the audio file, and send in your comments and thoughts! 

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