Chippewas, The NCAI, Health Pile, & Tribal Tourism

Have you ever invented something only to find it was already created in 1944? I have long wanted Natives in Congress & Native American lobby groups. Turns out, we have a long history of both. The NCAI was created in 1944, and many Natives have served in congress over the years. 

Also on today’s radio program, which you can download the audio file for here, we welcome a Chippewa Native named Ron with many new interesting perspectives on the NCAI. 

We then discuss a health pile, with new information on how Marijuana and Alzheimer’s might be linked, as well as top noises that wake up men & women differently. For example, crying babies wake up women, while most men have the ability to sleep through it. 

Last, many states here in the west lack the business centers and industrial infrastructure to rely on them for revenue, and instead turn to tourism. Particularly in Montana just north of Yellowstone National Park. Of course, the natives in the area are left out of these tourism dollars, at least until now. A new partnership with the Montana legislature could pave the way for Native Reservations to draw tourists in their own right. Listen to this and more on today’s radio program by downloading the audio file!

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