The Quest For Blank Claveringi (Giant Man-Eating Snails)

Yes, that’s right. I read a very short about a man who went to an island in search of giant man-eating snails. He had dreams of discovering a new species he could name after himself. I read this short story, “The Quest For Blank Claveringi” when I was very young, and luckily enough I located the book “The Snail Watcher” in which it was contained. The author is Patricia Highsmith, who wrote books such as “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, among other highly regarded tomes. Fortunately for you I made a copy of this fantastic story, which runs only 17 pages, and can be downloaded and read by clicking this link: “Patricia Highsmith – The Quest For Blank Claveringi”.

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Patricia Highsmith - The Quest For Blank Claveringi

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