Raccoons, Domestic Abuse Billboard, & Trump’s BIA Funding Cut

There is little doubt that the Trump administration is an enemy to many government organizations. He plans to cut funding and personnel to a number of departments, and it certainly appears the BIA is one of them. Many are concerned about what this means for Indian country, and how it will affect them. Specifically, former Puyallup tribal council candidate Anna bean wrote a post which I completely agree with; that if a bill or policy threatens Native sovereignty or oppresses our people, we must stand up to the threat. We must read and become better informed. We have a duty to ourselves and our community to prepare against those who would do us harm. 

However, it is my contention that a weakened BIA could present as a possible opportunity. Given the right opportunity, and done the right way, the opening exists to make a bid for more power for our people, and to actually strengthen Tribal sovereignty. This is our topic of discussion on today’s NativeTalk.net radio podcast. Listen to the full conversation by downloading the audio file, and let us know your opinion!

The fist segment however, is a criminal pile with stories including an offensive billboard advocating for domestic violence, a raccoon obsessed with breasts, a missing woman, and the top ways you can tell you’re on a cheap cruise line. 

Also see video of us doing the show with our YouTube channel which you can check out here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQOdRIsm7EkR-KC8XsJGew

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