Native Photographer & Were Natives Really The First Americans?

Forced assimilation of Natives into the American culture of the day was a historically bad time for our first peoples. Fortunately, these widespread practices were eventually halted, but this did not stop the march of self-assimilation on a more natural level. However, one the forced practices stopped, most of America seemed to forget Natives even existed. In the middle part of the 20th century, Natives were all but invisible.

Horace Poolaw, a Kiowa Native was an avid photographer, and captured many images of his people as they went through this period of time, and his work is now on display in Washington DC.

In our second segment, the question has always been out there, as to whether or not Natives really were the first peoples, and what truth lay behind traditional Native legends. DNA testing has been done on several of the oldest human remains in existence, and compared to Natives still here today. We discuss the surprising results & invite your comments. Join us online at and check out all of our audio files available there.

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