Listener Mail, Dangerous Foods, & Nepotism On Reservations

We often get comments from listeners from past shows, and we like to feature their comments in our ‘listener mail’ segments. We begin today with comments on our recent shows, and then get into the list of most dangerous foods to eat while driving (including chocolate and hot soup).

In the second segment, we discuss a short story Cliff read about giant man-eating snails, which he encourages you to read as well! It is only 17 pages long, and can be downloaded right here.

We then begin our discussion about the practice of hiring via nepotism on reservations. Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Should it be stopped, or allowed to continue? Does it contribute to the problem of political corruption which is rampant in tribal councils across america today? We discuss all of this and more on today’s edition of the radio program which can be downloaded directly using the provided link.

Send in your comments, and be sure to like us on facebook! We also have a YouTube channel which can be accessed through our website at, and we hope you’ll tune in next week as well for more stimulating Native Talk radio from enrolled Puyallup tribal members Cliff & Brandon! Thanks for listening!

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