Culture Wars: Native VS White Approach to Corruption

Culture Wars: Native VS White Approach to Corruption

What do tribal councils exist to do? Do they exist to serve us? Or do they exist to further their own interests? And when they choose the latter, what do we as the membership do to halt the wrongs we see? There has been a lot of talk about the “Native Way” in dealing with this type of thing, and part of it I understand. Although, is it possible to go too far on the other side, to the point where you ignore and enable the corruption to continue?

If you are like me, a Native who has lived off the reservation for his entire life, does my opinion count? Or simply because I am not immerssed in the community I must keep my mouth shut when I see wrongs that damage our Native communities? Do we not all have an obligation to speak out? These are the questions discussed on this radio podcast. Download the audio file directly here

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