Homeless Natives & Lawyers Having Sex With Clients

Homelessness is a major issue for Native Americans, and especially in the Dakotas. Recently a Native homeless man in South Dakota was found dead, frozen to death in a park after having been turned away from the local shelter for being drunk. Other Native women have reported being raped, called names, and had things thrown at them. This is our subject this week on the NativeTalk.net radio podcast, which you can download and listen to the full audio file here. 

The major question, is what to do about it? Is more funding the answer? or perhaps should their tribes call them home? Reservations, as we all know, are often poor and lack adequate services. What if you didn’t need any services though? What if they could be taught the skills needed to survive in the old ways, To hunt, gather, build shelters, and fellowship with their own community. The Indian Schools taught them their ways were wrong, taught them to rely on the Government. But now, when they need the government, it is failing them. In our opinions, it is the responsibility of the Tribal leadership on these reservations to re-teach the old ways. 

Comments and critisicm is always welcome by emailing podcast@nativetalk.net

Also, in our first segment we talk about a new law in California that would ban lawyers from having sex with their clients. The lawyers are not happy about this proposal at ALL. Listen to the full show by downloading the audio file. 

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