Tribal Connections, Nooksack Disenrollment & Climate Change

What happens when Native Tribal leaders care more about their own power and wealth than they do their membership? What happens when their power is challenged by the people who are sick and tired of watching their leaders do whatever they want? Well, if you’re the Nooksack Tribal Council of the Pacific NW, you identify an ancestor of the opposition group, and declare their heritage invalid resulting in a mass disenrollment of over 300 legitimate members. Then, when Tribal Council elections roll around and folks are not allowed to vote, it opens the door for the BIA to step in and declare your government invalid and strip you of your federal recognition.

The point is, greed and attempts to hold on to power at all costs hurts everyone. We talk about this and more on this edition of the radio program, which you can download the full audio file for here:

We also discuss bringing members home to the reservation, helping them connect with their heritage, and teaching the old Indian ways. We finish with a discussion of climate change, and how scientists are using Native Indian records to help match up to european records and get a better idea of how our climate has been behaving throughout the globe and farther back than they previously thought possible. Listen to us online, and send in your comments! Thanks for listening to the show!

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