Moon Landing & Listener Mail on Homelessness and The Nooksack Disenrollment

This podcast was recorded on July 20th, which also happens to be the day Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon back in 1969. We celebrate with a few Moon facts, as well as a Moon Quiz. Listen to the audio file and see how well you do on our version of “Name That Moon”. Download the full audio file here

Then Cliff talks about getting decompression sickness while diving (not paying enough attention while ascending) and a Listener Mail segment with comments on the homeless Natives show we did a few weeks back, as well as the last show we did on the Nooksack disenrolling 306 members which eventually resulted on the complete disbandment of the entire tribe, which lost federal recognition and was forced to close all their casinos. One man feels we should keep our opinions to ourselves, and we read his letter and respond during our “Hate Mail” segment. Listen and download the audio file here, and feel free to submit your own letters and comments to us via facebook message, or email the show

See you next week with more stimulating Native Talk Radio!

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