Zuckerburg Visits the Blackfoot Reservation, Listener Mail & A Breakup Pile

Today on the NativeTalk Radio Podcast, we receive 2 listener mails, including a woman with an idea about perhaps interviewing Natives on reservations near her home on the East coast and another who wants to correct some inaccuracies we reported on previously. Then, we do a story of a terrible breakup. Who hasn’t experienced that, right? It might be a good idea to hide your incredibly valuable items beforehand though! Listen to the full show by downloading the audio file directly here

In the second segment we talk about Mark Zuckerburg who recently visited the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. We discuss his trip, and some of the things he said. He believes the federal government has forced Indian nations to adopt a governmental structure which he believes invites corruption, which was in fact the goal of the US government in an effort to hamstring Indians and keep them from becoming too powerful or prosperous. According to Zuckerburg, all the good things that have allowed to happen, have only been things the US Government ultimately controls, while true ecomomic prosperity has been purposefully witheld. Listen and download the full 30 minute audio file here, and tune in next week for more stimulating Native Talk Radio at NativeTalk.net

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