Police Killing Innocents & Holidays Natives Hate

Police are here to protect us, the citizens of whichever municipality you reside in. I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement, and when mistakes get made I more often than not give the police the benefit of the doubt. However, it seems more and more often their mistakes are deadly for the very folks they are there to protect. Today on the NativeTalk.net radio program Cliff starts by telling the story of the time in High School he was arrested and interrogated for a number of hours for the heinous crime of eating strawberries (that is not even a joke). Then, we read a recent news story which resulted in the death of an innocent man because the police raided the wrong house entirely. Listen to the full show by downloading our audio file.

Then in the second segment, we have a lot of holidays in this country. Columbus day, 4th of july, thanksgiving… but what do Native Americans think about these days? We discuss several holidays, what they stand for, and how various Indian tribal members feel about those days. Listen online to all of our past shows at NativeTalk.net, and feel free to comment on these stories or anything at all by messaging us through the facebook page, or emailing podcast@nativetalk.net. We’ll be back next week with more stimulating Native talk radio.

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