Fear of Police & Seeking Your Heritage

On today’s NativeTalk.net radio program, we start with trouble sleeping. We’ve all been there, your mind just can’t stop racing and easy sleep seems to elude you night after night. Now, EasyJet has your answer! The roar of a jet engine, or rather the recording, is being sold to help you catch those ZZzzZZ’s. No, that is not a joke although it sure does sound like one. 

Then we get to listener mail, where we have several letters written in from listeners reacting to past shows. We discover how comparing the US government to Adolf Hitler era Germany is more accurate than you might think, a comment on the state of reservation police, and a letter from Tiffani who finds herself in fear of the police. We discuss several topics related to the police and whether or not citizen’s general fear of them is justified.

Then, Tiffani shares the search for her roots she has been struggling to find. A Honduran born in California with roots to Native peoples in her past, she is nevertheless not a member of a federally recognized tribe. She struggles to connect to her heritage and often isn’t sure how to do that. After all, if you aren’t officially a member of a tribe, and don’t even know where you come from, is it right to pursue the Native Indian culture? 

We discuss this and more on today’s Nativetalk.net radio program. Download the audio file directly here, and we hope you’ll be back to listen to next week’s show with more stimulating Native Talk Radio!

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