Native Poverty, Losing Everything, & Finding Your Way To Success

Here on the radio program, we know that a lot of Native Indians across this country are struggling to keep their lives together. They are fighting to find success, in whatever success means to them personally. For a lot of people though, their prospects look pretty bleak.

We who have been through it before know that the best opportunities lie just around the corner, if we can only find the strength within ourselves to stand up, be strong, and push forward with the determination needed to find the success that we seek for ourselves. That is why today I want to share a story with you, of a man (you’ve never heard of) who started with nothing and became one of the most prominent Americans in history. Then, in the 80’s his family found themselves on the brink of ruin. This time it was his son who stood up to take control and pull them back from sure financial ruin. These are people who know what it is to fight and to win in the face of absolute uncertainty. Strength of character is key, and that is never more true than when you have no business having any confidence at all.

This man was at the heart of a controversy a few years ago, and I wrote him a letter. One of America’s richest men took the time to write me back. On today’s show we tell his story, and the story of his family. I read the letter he wrote me, and I try to explain why I find inspiration in his journey. I hope you find some too. Listen to the full show by downloading the audio file directly here on this page.

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