Pow Wow Season & New Native Center – A Good Representation Of Indian Culture?

Pow Wow Season is upon us. If you believe as I do, this is a fantastic opportunity for tribes to showcase their culture, come together in fellowship, and have a lot of fun too! I am a strong believer in tribes maintaining a strong cultural presence. Not long ago, I advocated for the creation of a program in which poor, homeless, or otherwise disadvantaged tribal members to have the opportunity to come home to their respective reservations and re-learn the ways of their ancestors. We’re talking a voluntary program for folks who are literally sleeping in the gutter lost in a world of substance abuse with no direction or purpose in their lives. If a group of plains indian learned to build teepees and hunt local game, or Pacific NW Natives learned to build longhouses and started living their daily lives as our ancestors did, whats the problem with that idea? I argued that it would be preserving culture in a living way, and help lost tribal members find a purpose and gain some self respect. My co-host disagrees with me believing the idea to be advocating some sort of ‘Native Disneyland’, all of which we discuss on today’s NativeTalk.net radio podcast. Judge for yourself: listen and download the full audio file and feel free to comment with your opinions.

I find the purpose of Pow Wows to have a similar goal. Just north of Pensacola Florida, work has already begun on a Native American cultural center which will feature invaluable artifacts and a place for education and cultural preservation. Those against the display or exploitation of the old native ways must surely be preparing protests! I on the other hand support ALL efforts to hold up American Indian culture. I hope you agree, and hope you will enjoy listening to our radio program and feel free to share the show with your friends! We will have another show next week with more stimulating Native Talk radio from NativeTalk.net. 

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