Native Tribe Suing Pharmacies & Political Correctness Gone Mad? podcast with Cliff & Chippewa Ron – Political correctness is no doubt out of control in todays society, and it seems people are getting offended with the smallest of triggers. Our sensitivity bar is set pretty high, and it takes an awful lot to offend us. So today on the radio podcast, we present part 1 (of 2) of what we’re calling “Angry Indians”. Is it justified? or is it Political Correctness gone mad? And what does it say with many of these stories when, indeed, even WE are offended? Download and listen to the full show by clicking the link to get the audio file directly.

On todays show we start with Listener Mail with comments on past shows we did, and how all Native Indians get into all national parks free of charge. I had no idea that was true, but it is. We hear from a Puyallup man commenting on the letter I received from the Texas millionare, and a woman with strong convictions on the Fake art undercutting the ability of Native artists to make a living. 

In the second segment, we discuss what the correct term to call us is. Is it Native American? Indian? Indigenous people? We discuss that, and then an Indian tribe is mad as hell and suing Walgreens & CVS for ruining their culture. Listen to us discuss all this and more by downloading the audio file directly. We’ll be back next week with more stimulating Native Talk Radio and part 2 of our “Angry Indians” series of stories and try to determine if the stories presented are worth fighting against. See you next week, and visit us online at to download all our past shows! See you next week~!

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