Fall is Here & Homeless Natives in Tiny Homes

NativeTalk.net podcast with Cliff & Chippewa Ron. This week: Fall is Here & Homeless Natives in Tiny Homes.

Yes, Fall is here, but what exactly is it that causes those leaves to change colors and fall off the trees? A new study from SUNY college in New York have figured out the exact process. Then we get into the problem of homeless folks in general. Download the full show by clicking the link and get the audio file directly here.

When it comes to homeless, it seems everyone wants to help them and be a part of solving the problem, but ONLY if it doesn’t occur in THEIR neighborhoods. Kitsap County in Washington state has recently made permanent what was a temporary ordinance allowing homeless encampments on religious property and other non profit lands. Unfortunately, no one has actually built any, and no progress has been made. So what about tiny homes situated in a ‘tiny village’? This is what residents of Port Orchard are against, who are faced with the reality of having homeless neighbors. 

Fortunately, the nearby Suquamish tribe is moving forward as the torch bearer housing homeless from their own tribe, essentially bringing them home and teaching them what they need to be productive in society. We talk about all this and more on this edition of the NativeTalk.net radio podcast. Download the audio file now to hear the full show. We’ll be back next week with more stimulating Native Talk Radio, with all the shows online for download at nativetalk.net

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