Native Legal System & Cliff Reads An Old Indian Legend

Today on the Radio program, we begin with a few fun items on how the gender of your children affects how fathers specifically interact with daughters vs sons, and a crazy man in Kentuky who has built a life size replica of Noah’s Ark somehow believes Noah included dinosaurs in the list of animals he brought on board. Now, he’s selling halloween kits for you to hand out to trick-or-treaters which include messages of eternal damnation. Fun stuff for the whole family! Listen to the entire show with the direct audio file download link.

Then Cliff goes over a subject that has always bothered him, which is the lack of justice on Native reservations and how non-members are essentially able to get away with not murder, but pretty much everything else. The rule of law is discussed, as well as the reasons behind why and how the problems continue to exist even to this day. 

In the second segment, we hear Cliff’s mother, a tribal elder, discuss her trip to the Oregon coast and her experience with a rock formation which happens to be the same one featured in todays Old Indian Legend “A Potlatch On The Oregon Coast” Feel free to download and read the story yourself using this link: 

It’s much more interesting to hear it read aloud though! Download and listen to the entire show by downloading the audio file here, and let us know what you think! you can comment, or email If you would like to be a part of the program, call 970-278-5791 and leave a voice message we’ll play when recording our next show. We’ll be back next week with more stimulating native talk radio from Enjoy listening

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