Women’s Pile- Makeup, Women’s Intuition & How 1800’s People Viewed Native Women

On today’s NativeTalk.net radio podcast, we’re talking all about Women. Are you a woman who wears makeup? Or do you prefer to go the more natural route? A new Harvard University study sheds some insight on how your cosmetic preferences changes the way the people you meet in your everyday life see you. Then Women’s Intuition is something a large majority of women swear by, but is it accurate? Find out by listening to today’s show audio file, which you can download directly using the download link on this page. 

Then we discuss why Women seem to prefer men with low baritone voices, and a few interesting Halloween stories including the best and worst candies. In the secend segment we discuss a little of what we already know – public perception and knowledge of the Native 1st peoples has changed over the years, but how much? What were white women in the 1800’s learning about their Native counterparts? Was it different than what they learned about Native Men? We talk about all this and more on today’s NativeTalk.net radio program, which we invite you to download, listen and leave us your thoughts and comments. You can call the program at 970-278-5791 and leave us a voice message if you would like, or email podcast@nativetalk.net. Hope you enjoy listening! We’ll be back next week with more stimulating NativeTalk radio – see you then.

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