Daylight Savings, How to Be Happy & Deceased Carlisle Students Return Home

Cliff & 6 year old Jason host today’s radio podcast, where we discuss why Daylight Saving time and why turning the clock back is actually bad for your mental health. Then, we go into the BBC top list of how to be happy, while 6 year old Jason tells us the difference between speaking American and British, as well as his insightful commentary on how to stay happy. So take the time and download the show directly, and enjoy listening to Cliff & 6 year old jason right now by clicking the download link.

We also read a few listener mail letters, one from Paul, a Chippewa in Texas, and a woman not happy with Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee heritage claim weighs in with her comments as well. 

In the second segment Jason and I discuss how the Black Bear Casino Resort is celebrating Native American Heritage month, and we get a six year old’s opinion of the Carlisle Indian School as we discuss a 59 tribe effort to bring the long interred remains of children who passed while attending (typically due to diseases such as tuberculosis or consumption) and have them transported back to their homelands where they belong. 

In all, this should prove an incredibly enjoyable show as I don’t typically allow six year olds to join, but he begged me and i thought it might be fun, which it was. I believe you will enjoy it as well. We’ll be back next week with more stimulating Native talk radio, always available online at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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