‎Beatrice Arthur‎: Scammed At Standing Rock

The following story was submitted to us via our Facebook page: facebook.com/nativetalkradio. Obviously we have no way to substantiate this story, and can neither prove nor disprove its legitimacy. As always, there are two sides to every story and if anyone now reading this has an alternate view or differing opinion, we will be happy to publish your side of the story. Normally, we would not allow in print a story such as this, which if untrue, could be considered libelous. However, LaDonna Allard is a public figure, and as such bringing a libel suit would be difficult. As defamation is a civil matter and not a crime, LaDonna would have to prove in court that this statement was unequivocally false, and that it caused her demonstrable damages – and that these statements were made with actual malice. That seems like a high burden of proof, and I’m betting I’ll win that lawsuit if it ever comes. So I’m printing something here I wouldn’t typically. 

On a side note, be careful who you trust. Even if this particular story is not true (which I sincerely doubt much of it if anything is an outright lie) we all know that corrupt, greedy, unscrupulous people exist in every people group on this planet, and have since the beginning of time. It is incredibly unfortunate that charlatans are able to exist by preying on good trusting folks who believe the facade. They trust because they themselves would never even CONSIDER doing such a dishonorable thing to another human being, and thus fail to see the manipulating tactics perpetrated before their very eyes, because to see it would be to lose their very faith in humanity. It is an incredibly sad commentary on our existence that the very act of protecting yourself against these possible scammers, means to look upon everything with a sideways look and mistrust the intentions of everyone claiming to be there for humanitarian reasons. I am ashamed to say that I am a skeptic in anyone claiming pure intentions, because I have trusted in the past and also been burned. I wish that were not a necessary safety precaution, but all to often it is the only way to protect yourself. For all those who have a burning desire in your heart to do good and improve the lives of those around you: to you goes my greatest respect and honor. You are the ones who make this a good and happy world to live in, and you are who I desire to connect and build friendships with. It is you who, when partnered with the right people, create real and lasting change in this world. God Bless You.

“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.” ― Criss Jami

Many of us went to North Dakota to stand with our ancestors and relatives last year. We were sick of lies, corruption and destruction on sacred, treaty land. We were there for the pipeline. Then LaDonna Bravebull Allard asked many of us to stay on indefinitely and help her build an eco-village. She ensured our care and safety on her land at the Cannonball Reservation. It turns out, it wasn’t her land and she only needed our bodies to acquire more money from you. Our bodies meant dollars for LaDonna.

Sacred Stone Camp was one of at least 4 camps standing against DAPL oil corruption. The final week of Sacred Stone camp, our community rushed frantically trying to pack and find places to go. I couldn’t sort out why some of the most honorable Oceti Sakowen medics helping us, why they appeared angry with LaDonna. LaDonna was nowhere to be found and I was too overwhelmed to connect the dots.

That last week, vehicles were crammed with belongings, there was no room for passengers……I felt alone and frightened……what do I take? I could barely breath, the wind whipped bitterly. Prior to going to Standing Rock and living at Sacred Stone Camp, I lived in a city with brilliant public transportation. I never needed a car in the city. At the end of Sacred Stone Camp, I was stranded on the prairie in the bitter cold of North Dakota. We didn’t have income at Standing Rock, most of us had no money to take us to safety, let alone a night in a motel. I went from a new “family” where LaDonna assured us we were all safe to virtually nothing.

I fell to my knees with that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach – when would I see my new Sacred Stone family again? Where would I go? LaDonna would not respond to our text or voice messages.

I haven’t been able to tell most of my Standing Rock family what I’ve survived since camp ended. The worst of it, this past summer. I’ve been seeking to land and regain my indepenence since our final days of camp. Yes, it’s been a while and I’m getting closer, but my experiences have been devastating. It’s been months of true horror, all because LaDonna Bravebull Allard abandoned myself and many others from Sacred Stone Camp. Those of us who served Standing Rock with honor and were the most loyal to her. Our bodies meant dollar signs to her, nothing more.

Many people don’t realize, LaDonna asked us to remain on her land and help her build an eco-village on that land. She repeatedly assured us, we were safe and could never be kicked off of her land.

Please remember this: Your healing is not going to feel or look like my healing – respect that and back off if you’re feeling critical. Respect my experience, respect the fact that I ate with and listened to LaDonna at least a dozen times in her home in Fort Yates. She might not have spoke to you the way she spoke with me. Respect the fact I have emails and text from LaDonna as well as people who served with me. People who state far worse than I mention, regarding their experiences with LaDonna.

I’m intimately familiar with how my Native families and People of Color have been abused and destroyed over too many years. Abused, conned, divided, manipulated, tortured and even erased. My family of origin story sounds similar to many. What’s upsetting to me is how too many People of Color use that same abusive, colonized, manipulative behavior on one another.

We often speak about how we’d like our communities, family and loved ones to be clean, sober, using critical thinking skills and pursuing dreams. How do our actions and behavior support those goals?

One of the many things we can do for one another in our own families and communities is to stop asking our own people to lie and pretend for abusive or corrupt behavior. Having to choose between truth and corruption in family or community is a mind bender nobody deserves. The colonizers exploited and manipulated People of Color, why do we accept that behavior from our own?

When we’re forced to choose between loyalty to community and family, when we’re aware there’s abuse and corruption, it creates confusion, division and mental pressure. Forced to be silent or we’ll be looked down on, abused, or worse. It’s no wonder so many choose to numb out with drugs, booze, food, porn, shopping and all kinds of Colonized behavior that has nothing to do with connection to Creator and healing. We can’t own the truth, we feel forced to shut up – so many people try to escape their mind by numbing out.

When you demand loyalty from your community and family, where do you draw the line? How far are they expected to go and at what mental and emotional cost?

Would I have been walking in humility and honor if I stole the funds from Sacred Stone Camp, started my own business, (my own non-profit), and ignored how and why those funds were sent to my camp family in the first place?
Water protectors from all over the globe sent funds to our camp to ensure our safety and survival. The people who donated financially to Sacred Stone Camp believed in what we stood for – they knew we were trying to survive dangerous weather conditions. I was at Sacred Stone Camp and Standing Rock for over 6 months and now require surgery due to complications from being there. Many people got very ill. LaDonna did not camp with us, she stayed safe and warm in her home in Fort Yates.

Each meeting at Sacred Stone Camp, LaDonna repeatedly assured us all: “There are NO leaders, we are all equal, and everyone is welcome”. What I would later discover; LaDonna’s words do not match her behavior.

If we were all equals as she stressed at each meeting, we would all have been aware and made financial decisions as a unified community. If we were all equal family members as she stated; she would not have taken our Sacred Stone Camp funds for herself. She abandoned us, then she created a new business for herself, her new non-profit.

LaDonna has recently felt pressured to actually help others – I see her repeatedly telling cameras that “we still stand”, but she doesn’t mention those of us she abandoned or that Sacred Stone Camp was kicked off of the land she claimed was hers but is not. She is trying to behave as if her new business, her new Sacred Stone Village is the former camp when it is not. She’s using our funds for her profit.

Now LaDonna is frantically trying to build next to her home in Fort Yates. She needs your money, this is her new non-profit so she’s pretending her new business venture: “Sacred Stone Village” is the original Sacred Stone Camp. She’s a fraud. Our camp was evacuated and she abandoned most of us. When she realized people were talking truth about her, she started paying people to shut up. She wants to pretend so you’ll continue sending her money.

When she did appear at our camp, LaDonna continually exclaimed: “There are no leaders, we are all equals”, but she didn’t explain she chose favorites who turned a blind eye when she behaved and spoke inappropriately. Her favorites, a small group of Caucasian people she invested the most in, (she bought their favors and silence), they ended up stealing thousands of dollars from the Sacred Stone Camp safe and mail. I confirmed this with my own ears and eyes, as I stayed with one of her very favorite people this summer, in my attempt to settle.

It finally made sense to me why her favorites didn’t eat or meet with us as a camp community during our last 4 months at camp. Not only had LaDonna divided us with inappropriate gossip and manipulation, her favorite accomplices had stolen all the money they needed to eat whenever and whatever they wanted.

Most of us never considered stealing from our camp community. We didn’t realize that, had we thought to take from our own camp community; we would have found a form of safety. We trusted LaDonna, we trusted our community.

When I started posting about my Sacred Stone experiences online, many people reached back to me and told me of their own negative experiences with LaDonna. The people she now says she helped return home, those are people she got sick of, when they stayed too long at her home, after camp was destroyed. Some of those people were present when she went on her shopping sprees, bought her granddaughter a home, started remodeling in her home and listened as her granddaughter boasted how rich they are now.

I went out of my way for my camp community, I was committed and loyal to LaDonna and her eco-village vision. Many people at Sacred Stone as well as Oceti are aware that I served Standing Rock and my camp communities with honor and respect. When LaDonna asked several of us to stay on her land indefinitely, make it our new home and help her build her eco-village that is when I left my career and former home behind. I was not homeless until I chose to trust LaDonna.

When I reached out to LaDonna this summer, I needed help. I still need help. I had nowhere to go, I had nothing to eat, I needed sanitary maxi pads and a bus pass for a few months, (to look for work), and/or a used vehicle. Since I helped with the Sacred Stone mail, I can confirm that LaDonna truly had millions of dollars. Those funds were not sent for LaDonna and her family, so she could retire and start her own, new non-profit. Those funds were sent for the care of those of us who served. Those of us she promised protection on her land.

I reached out to her for help, in between her birthday trip to Paris and her summer trip to Hawaii. That’s when she explained to me that it’s not her business to help homeless people. I have the email. I was NOT homeless until I committed to and trusted LaDonna Bravebull Allard.

The funds LaDonna stole belong to Sacred Stone Camp, not her new non-profit – her new Village. She used us, then betrayed us.

In the end, she didn’t stand with us, she lost humility then proceeded to confuse and divide us. Our bodies meant money for LaDonna. What LaDonna attempts to sell to you on camera is not who or how she behaves or walks.

Please stop sending LaDonna funds and send it to those of us who served with honor, those she damaged by betraying and lying to us. Send it to camps who need warmth and wood. Send it to authentic elders who will ensure their communities receive it. My cell phone service runs out on the 29th because I cannot pay the bill, I run out of food in about 3 days, I cannot access job opportunities without a bus pass and I’m extremely overwhelmed and exhausted. With a 2 month bus pass I have access to job interviews and job opportunities. Please help people who actually walk their talk.

How do I stand up and respect myself while respecting others? How do I honor my community while honoring myself and my commitment, efforts and hard work? I cannot lie and pretend for anyone who divides and destroys for their own profit.

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