Holiday Pile & Native Stereotypes & Myths

On today’s radio podcast, Cliff & Jason discuss how good ol’ American consumerism is alive and well, as recent reports show holiday shopping is at an all time high, with spending up to 18% higher than last year. Then we discuss the fact that thankgiving is celebrated by eating… TURKEYS! (gasp!). While it is true that both turkeys and chickens are treated poorly, and that absolutely needs to change, advocates suggesting animals be treated as people and that we should all go vegetarian are just as wrong. However, in Yellville Arkasas, where live turkeys are hurled out of open airplane windows and thrown off buildings could be in the wrong as well.

Then in the second¬†segment, we discuss common myths such as the idea that there is any single¬†‘native american culture’, ‘Indians get a free ride from the government’, ‘They sold Manhattan for $24 worth of beads!’ and ‘Mascots honor Native Americans!’. In each case we talk a little about what people mistakenly believe, and the truth of the matter. Thank you for listening to the show today, and we’ll be back next week with more stimulating Native Talk radio available online at

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