Trump’s Tax Plan, Health Pile, & The Polar Plunge

On today’s radio program, we start with the health pile! It’s important to be healthy, right? Yet so many are doing it so, so wrong. We go over how tropical fruits like mangos can help, and a new study says skipping meals won’t. It also seems that too much caffiene (coffee) can actually get you drunk, and we also try to help you find love online. 

In the second segment we start with charity, and specifically taking part in one of those “Polar Plunges” to raise money for good causes, and tips on doing it right. Cliff also takes the opportunity to tell one of his stories from Russia, when he experienced the classic russian Banya while in Siberia.

There, the fun stuff ends and Cliff responds to an email from Chris in Tempe Arizona who asks his opinion on the new tax plan currently working its way through congress. You might not swing from the chandeliers with this topic, but it’s still something you need to know about. Spoiler alert, we’re not in favor of it, and we take just a few minutes to explain how and why it won’t help the way they’re claiming it will. Join the conversation and download the audio file directly to hear the 30 minute podcast, and let us know what YOU think as well. 

We’ll be back next week with more stimulating native talk radio, with all our past shows available online at Thanks for listening

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