Native Smudging Banned, Listener Mail & PNW Basketweaving

If rules are rules, do you have to follow them if they go against your rights? Today on the radio podcast, we discuss the practice of smudging, which is a common indiginous practice of ‘washing’ with smoke before prayer. Nellie Rider regularly smudges before her prayers, and when her duplex was sold and the new peoperty manager told her she could no longer smudge due to the smoke, she was shocked and dismayed. Listen to the entire discussion by downloading the audio file directly

The show begins with a quick round of Listener Mail and some of the various comments that have come in over the last few weeks, and we learn about the baskets the Pacific Northwestern Tribes made in the days before european influence came along. Call the show and leave a voice comment anytime at 970-278-5791 or visit us online at We hope you enjoy listening, and we’ll be back again next week.

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