Desperate Native Families in ND Need Help, Best Paying Jobs, & Pacific NW Canoes

If someone came to your door and asked you for a pair of socks, maybe shoes for their young child, would you turn them away? I can tell you I wouldn’t. However, right now there are Oglala Sioux families in desperate need of help in South Dakota just trying to survive. They need some of the most basic items, and they’ve been asking for help. You can see the list of families and the simple things they need at This is the main topic we discuss this week on the radio podcast, where Cliff and Brandon lay out the specific conditions folks are experiencing up on the Pine Ridge reservation, leading to some of the highest suicide rates in the country. We hope you’ll listen to the show and download the audio file to join in the discussion. 

Of course, we can’t START the show on such a down note, so we begin with a list of the highest paying professions, including ‘mathematician’. I can’t figure how doing pure math is worth quite so much, but Brandon tries to explain (and fails). Then in our ongoing lesson of Pacific Northwestern tribes and their original lifestyles, we discuss the Cedar Canoes and how they used to make them larger than life using an art passed down from father to son.

We thank you for listening to the podcast! We’ll see you next week with more Native Talk radio. 

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