Traditional Pacific Northwest Tribal Marriages & Bullying Natives for Long Hair

Today on the radio program we talk about what marriage looked like for Pacific Northwest Natives back in the old traditional days. As it turns out, very interesting. If a man wanted to marry, he paid the bride’s father a set amount. Then, after their first child was born he was attributed to the wife’s clan & the clan would then pay for the child the same amount the husband paid for his wife. This would annul the marriage & she had the choice to stay with her husband or leave as she chose.

Then we discuss a case of a native kid up in Canada who was experiencing bullying from his classmates over his long hair. They did not understand in Native cultures the significance or importance hair has in many tribes. In order to stop the bullying, he was forced to cut his hair. Listen to the full show and join in the discussion by downloading the full show audio!

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