Pacific NW Natives Hunting Whales, VT Bank Changing Indian Logo

On today’s radio program, we start with why Brandon is wrong, wrong, wrong when it comes to Totem Pole locations. We continue with a new study on how not sleeping enough is worse for your health than ever previously thought, and finish the first segment with the ancient Pacfic Northwest Indians hunting whales from canoes. It took several days to take down a whale, but when it was finished the hunt provided tribal resources in abundance for long periods of time. 

Then in the second segment, a Mascoma Savings Bank in Vermont has had the same logo for nearly 60 years. It depicts the Native Chief Mascommah of the Squakheag tribe spear fishing from a small canoe. The logo is derived from a large 22 foot painting the bank commissioned of the Chief, which still hangs in their corporate offices today. The question is, where is the line drawn between honoring historical figures, and simply using them? Is it wrong for the bank to have used this logo throughout the years, and are they doing the right thing by changing it? Comment on our page after listening to the entire 30 minute program by downloading the audio file directly. We’ll be back next week with more Native Talk radio from!

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