How Native Rural Kids See The Natural World & The #1 Key To Success In Life

Today on the radio program, we invite 6 year old Jason on the show to discuss the differences between how city kids, Native city kids, and rural Native kids see the natural world. There are some striking differences, and it all boils down to how they were raised. In the past, researchers used a one-size-fits-all test that did not accurately take into account the cultural differences and the results made it seem like the Native americans and other minorities were poor subjects for research. In reality (of course) they just needed a test that was altered to fit their worldview. We hope this trend continues and more research is tailored to the individuals being looked at! Download and listen to the entire audio file for all the details.

In the second segment, Jason and I talk about the number one key to success in life. As my son, we often discuss subjects such as these in order that he might understand how to properly prepare for life as he grows older. Today the lesson is staying off drugs by ensuring you have a strong purpose in life, which is achieved through goal setting and being future oriented. Learn more by listening to the audio file, and feel free to comment on Facebook or emailing us at

We’ll be back next week with more Native Talk Radio. See you then

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