Trump Wants To classify Natives As A ‘Race’ & Clarify Your Life Values

On today’s program with Cliff & Jason, we start with National Penguin Day including a few fun penguin facts. Then we dive into the new Trump administration idea of reclassifying Native Americans as a ‘race’ rather than sovereign tribal citizens for the purposes of Medicaid. This would allow states with rules requiring 20 – 80 hours of work in order to be eligible for Medicaid to apply to Natives as well. We oppose this idea.

Then, in an effort to help those who may be struggling in life and who feel they don’t have the tools to succeed in their lives, we go over a few ways to clarify your values. Life is lived from the inside out, and to be successful you must know who you are, what you believe, and what you stand for. The very core of your personality are your values, which determine your beliefs, which shape your expectations, dictate your attitude, and in turn control your actions.

We want you to be happy, and we want you to succeed! Email us with comments or any questions. See you next week with a new show

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