May Mental Health – With Danelle Reed Psychology PhD

Today on the radio podcast, Cliff joins with fellow Puyallup tribal member Danelle Reed, PhD in clinical psychology to discuss May Mental Health Moth. Mental health is an issue that affects every American, and particularly Native Americans. Natives living with a mental health condition numbers at 28% vs other nationalities which range from 16-18%. 

In addition we know that 1 of 5 Americans in total experience a mental issue in any given year, a full quarter of homeless folks live with mental illness. Knowing this, it is clear it is something which needs to be addressed far more than it currently is. We have been talking on this very program in the last few weeks how having a strong purpose in life, setting goals & being future oriented helps you make decisions today to help tomorrows dreams become a reality (visit to download recent shows to hear those discussions with 6 year old Jason). This is why it so wonderful to get an experts opinion on these and many other subjects such as substance abuse and depression. Danelle helps us understand and overcome the stigma of mental issues. Anyone out there suffering from any troubles of course can always email the show and we will direct you to the resources you need to get help.

In the second segment Danelle & Cliff discuss the huge new loneliness study released by Cigna, which reveals that Americans in epidemic numbers are lonelier than they have ever been in history. Nearly half of all people report sometimes or always feeling alone or left out, and a quarter say they rarely or never feel as though there are people who understand them. An incredibly interesting show, which you should download and listen to right now.

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