Plains Indians: Buffalo & New Native Burial Ground in Florida

On today’s radio program, Cliff & Brandon begin with the dangers of raising the rent on unstable tenants, especially ones with guns. Then we go into our weekly feature on the Plains Indians, this time discussing the buffalo. Why were the buffalo so important? What did they use them for besides food? How did they hunt the buffalo before the advent of horses?

In the second segment, we follow the amazing discovery of a 7000 year old Native burial site 20 feet under the Florida waters. We go into how it was discovered, and the implications of what this means to the local Native tribes, and question whether it should be studied at all. Perhaps researchers should just let sleeping spirits lie in peace?  Listen to the entire show online by downloading the audio file directly, and share the show with your friends!

Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back next week with more stimulating Native talk radio at

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