Listener Mail- Depression/Non-Natives Fitting In & Plains Indians Counting Coup

On today’s radio program, Cliff and Brandon read listener mail, first from a depressed and formerly suicidal Native woman with advice for folks on preventing suicide in people that you know. Then we read an email from Matthew in Tempe Arizona who has a Bachelors degree in American Indian studies and helps us with some clarification on last week’s plains indians teepee discussion. He also wonders as a non-native himself, but with an interest in getting involved in Indian country affairs – is there a place for him and others like him? We discuss and offer our thoughts.

Finally in the second segment, we talk about how the plains indians “counted coup” and their ‘points’ system they used to garner respect and earn the right of leadership. Listen right now by downloading the full audio file, and catch the entire conversation. You can email the show and as always you can call the studio line and leave a message at 970-278-5791 or just listen and enjoy each and every week!

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