Yupik Alaskan Legends & Facts About the Yupik Natives

Today we continue the fascinating stories of Cliff’s trip to Alaska, this time starting with traditional Yupik Alaskan Native legends. These stories include the story of how to “hook a man”. In this case literally, with the moral I think being not to care so much about looks. This theme continues with the story “The Big¬†Mouthed Baby” and we finish with a classic “Raven & The Whale” animal story where the raven is a total con artist who tricks the villagers out of their winter food. I don’t think they much liked fast talking out-of-towners back then.¬†

In the second segment Cliff is joined by Brandon, our sister Brittany, and our mother Vickie as we discuss some interesting Yupik facts & how they used to live. Next week we’ll finish up with the story of how the actual trip went. We hope you’ll tune in for that, and as always keep listening and share the show with your friends! See you next week with more stimulating native talk radio.

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