Nancy Hates Our Native Talk Show

So, each week on the radio podcast, we encourage people to email, or give us a call and leave a message at 970-278-5791. Well, a woman named Nancy took us up on that, and wrote in to tell us how much she hates our show. The best part is, according to the letter she actually liked us until she visited our website and saw our pictures (apparently we appear too white for her liking). 

We provide a forum on this show, and literally anyone with a comment or opinion – whether we agree with you or not – is welcome to voice it. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to respond, but it does mean that all opinions are welcome. So, download the audio file and listen to Nancy’s letter accusing us of racism based on our appearance alone, and enjoy the ensuing discussion! And if you have any comments of your own, feel free to email in, or comment on our facebook page.

See you next week

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