Plains Horses, Terrible Travel Stories, & Alzheimers Health News

Today on the radio podcast, we begin with the Plains Indians. As some of you may know, the horse is not a native animal to the American continent. This meant the Plains Indians way of life did not include use of this animal. However, the Spaniards did bring horses with them, and some of them escaped. This changed things dramatically, from the way they hunted, to the way they traveled, and even their homes. We talk about that here today. Download the audio file and listen to the whole show right now. 

Then we discuss air travel, and recount a few terrible experiences we have had along with a great news¬†story of travel gone bad. Then we go into the health pile, including some alzheimers news and a stupid recurring joke that always makes me laugh for some reason. Hopefully you enjoy that! And we’ll be back next week with a whole new show and your emails in response to last week’s podcast about Nancy’s letter and why she hates our program. Thank you again for your great letters!

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