Plains Food, Native HS Graduation Rate & Chris Writes In On White Privilege

On todays radio program, we begin with the Plains Indians and the fact that not ALL of them were nomadic. Some actually stayed back and farmed, and built permanant structures. We talk about what they farmed, how they built their homes, and about some of the festivals they had. 

Then we discuss the dismal graduation rate in North Dakota (65%), especially when compared to their white counterparts which is 23% higher. We discuss this and some of the changes the N.D. school system is adopting to address the situation. A year later, it does seem as though things are improving.

Finally, Chris wrote in in response to the last live show we did to call CLiff out on his views in regard to white privilege, and seeks to explain what it is, and why it is a thing. Quite a good program, and I am sure everyone will enjoy listening! Download the audio file to hear the full conversation, and if you wish to comment as chris did you can email

We’ll be back next week with more Native Talk Radio

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