Elizabeth Warren Cherokee Heritage & North Dakota Voter ID Laws

Ok, so far be it from me to mention in passing Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee heritage claims. Seriously, I intended for it be a throwaway comment.. I certainly neve intemded for it to be a TWENTY FIVE minute conversation. I had WAY more planned for this week’s show than what we got to. 

but hey, good news right? I dont have to prepare for next week’s show! Because BRANDON couldn’t let a simple stupid comment lie. So, the majority of this week’s episode is unexpectedly about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American claims and her subseqeunt DNA test release. Honerstly, i wish id been more preparted to talk about it, but silly me i thought it was ginna be a 30 second converation. (Yes i’m a little inebriated as I write this if you’re womdering, but no I wasn’t when we recorded it.)/. 

i actually had like 3 times as much struff as we needed for a full show as usualul. i’,m always rprepared. but sometimes things… go off the raills. so anywat=y, yea. ELIZABETH WARREN!!!! c uckoo crazy bird that she is. takes over the show. 

whatever. It’s still entertaining if muy memory serves. it sure was fun to record anyway. I liked ity. I only do this show to have anexcuse to talk to my brother anywatY!!!! so…shatupp/. 

it’s fun and ebnjoyable to listen to. so download the audio file and enjoy. Then we talk about the znNoth Dakota voter ID registration debacle, which honestly i think i rememberver we both agree on. the issue. i dunno man, this was like,… two days ago. im peretty sure we agrerewed. Listen and find out. Nativetalk.net bitch. we gotta buncha shows. it’s fun. we like it, . liosten. lots. cliff & brandoN

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