Jeff from SageHawk Foundation Helping Natives Build Job Skills And Confidence

Today on the radio podcast, Cliff and Brandon join with Jeff from the SageHawk foundation, available online at, to discuss many of the economic barriers preventing Natives across the country from achieving gainful employment, and how Sagehawk is teaching those folks how to change their lives for the better. They do this through computer & job skill training to impoverished Native Americans all over the United States. This education is meant to give those in need a foothold they need to reach their aspirations and build up the Native American community one step at a time.

They target those specifically who are considered “at-risk” due to their socio-economic status.  Lack of skills means lack of money and this forces hard choices to be made.  Pay for food or starve; pay for a home or be evicted/homeless; pay for bills or live without electricity or water. Download and listen to the audio file, and then visit to donate and discover how YOU can help improve the lives in your community. 

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