1st show – Political Correctness, Criminal Pile, & World’s Sexiest Accent

  •     1st show – Political Correctness, Criminal Pile, & World’s Sexiest Accent

Yes this 1st episode is still branded as “The English Express”, which is a podcast we’ve already been doing for quite awhile. However, I came across a few news stories that I found legitimately worth talking about in a serious way. Since they both had to do with Native American culture, I decided I wanted to talk about them and post the show here. We will be busy in the next few weeks recording new liners and make this a separate  podcast focusing exclusively on native issues.

I welcome your input and will read all comments that are emailed in to podcast@nativetalk.net

Segment 1: Political correctness – Ralphie May’s “comedic” comments on natives. Political correctness gone too far, or just an moron spouting off horrible and unfunny things, and derserves everything that happens to him? (hint: it’s the second one). 2nd story Yale professor says the rights of the students should be maintained, and allowed to wear costumes that some could find offensive. (in other words, people should have the right to be morons. i.e. Ralphie May).

Segment 2: Criminal Pile. A few news stories of criminals doing crazy things

Segment 3: The world’s sexiest accents

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