Cliff Visits the Reservation 2nd Time & Listener Mail

Hello! As the host of the Puyallup Native Radio Program, I write all the descriptions to let you know what the show will be about before you listen. A lot of times I do a bunch of show prep, in order to bring you a compelling topic that hopefully makes you think and consider a point of view you have never heard before.

For this show, I did no preparation at all. That is because I spent the entire week between the last show and this one in Tacoma near the Puyallup reservation. I wasn’t there for fun though, I was actively engaged in diving classes every day in order to get a certification in Surface Supplied Air diving. I had a fantastic time, and have to say that diving turned out to be even MORE fun than I was anticipating it to be. You can listen to us talk about diving and the trip to Washington in detail by downloading the audio file directly right here.

Then, in the second segment Leah who (we think) lives somewhere in Washington emailed in with a very long and interesting email on the myth of thanksgiving. In all, it is a very good well-written letter which we happily read and comment on throughout. We believe you will enjoy reading it as well. visit us online at

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