Election News, Legal Weed, & The 51st State

So, the election is over and Donald Trump will take over as the 45th president. We don’t want to get too into the controversy surrounding his election, so we instead bring you a variety of interesting news stories related to the election. You can listen to the full radio program by downloading the audio file directly here. Read below to find out today’s discussion topics

As it turns out, the worries of a collapsing stock market was completely overblown, especially for companies specializing in building walls. Israeli firm ‘Magal Security System’ has been building walls for a long time, including the wall around Gaza and walls all around the world. They are hoping to get the Trump contract, and their stocks jumped 6% the day after the election. Prison stocks are another big winner, as it is expected Trump will scrap Obama’s plan to phase out private federal prisons.

And while you were out voting, everyone’s favorite Weiner, Anthony. Weiner was busy riding horses in a posh sex rehab facility in Tennessee. The Recovery Ranch for some reason offers Equine therapy as part of it’s treatment for sex addiction and other mental health problems. He should probably stay there as long as possible, because he is not the Clinton camp’s favorite person these days.

Everyone knows Colin Kaepernick and his consistent protest in taking a knee during the National Anthem just prior to his football games. He is protesting unfair treatment of minorities and is advocating strongly for a change. That change does actually include anything meaningful however, as he decided it would be a better idea to stay home and relax. I guess he’s just hoping the ‘social change fairy’ will soon appear on her own.

In the second segment, it doesn’t matter whether you agree with legalized Marijuana or not; it seems to be the way the country is heading. As more and more of the states lagalize it however, the Mexicans are now buying more and more of our weed and shipping it south. It’s better, stronger, and more in demand. Although it does cost quite a bit more, there are plenty of people willing to put up the cash for the good stuff. I know you’re most concerned about the drug cartels, who have seen a major decline in their piece of the marijuana market, but they seem to be doing fine. They are simply switching to poppy, and are now the major supplier of heroin now hitting the streets available for folks addicted to painkillers who need an alternative once their prescriptions run out. Brandon and I end up in a minor pot debate – he is for it and I am not.

Then, it seems the Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump victory way back in the year 2000. In an episode titled ‘Bart to the Future’ Lisa is president and speaks a little about the Trump presidency. We play the audio clip from the Simpsons during our own show, so you’ll be able to hear what was said exactly.

And last, Ricky Rossello has just been elected as Puerto Rico’s next governor. It seems his primary platform was getting Puerto Rico set as America’s 51st state! He feels that statehood is the best way to revive the island economy, and plans to elect senators and representatives… and just send them to Washington uninvited. When the rest of the government asks why they’re crashing the party, they plan to ask for offices and new desks be installed and demand statehood. If this sounds crazy, it was a tactic successfully used by Tennessee in 1796 in their successful bid.

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