Signs of Hoarding, & Native Language Apps

Are you a hoarder? How do you know? Well, today we’ve got some of the major hoarding signs – things like an inability to get rid of possessions – Brandon and I talk about some of the more ridiculous things we’ve held on to over the years, and some of the stories that go along with that. Having an emotional attachment to unnecessary items (which is OK on a small scale, like to your baseball card collection for example, but if you have an emotional attachment to everything, that’s a serious problem). It’s just a segment of being a little silly to start the show, so check out the audio file which you can download directly right here

In the second segment, we discuss the fact that Native Americans have been on this continent for tens of thousands of years (at a minimum), and have a rich history and culture which goes hand in hand with an independent civilization that goes back to the beginning of time that way. Part of that culture is each tribe’s unique language, which unfortunately over time has been largely lost. When I first heard my own tribe was trying to bring back our language, my first reaction was ‘why? that’s not very useful in today’s day and age’. This is only true however, if you look at it through the lens of things that will help you to be a success in the outside world, and completely ignores the cultural importance, and the fact that there are innumerable things in our history which can only be unlocked and truly understood when you study them using the language in which they were originally created.

Imagine all the jokes and wordplay we use in English, and how hard that would be for a foreigner to understand via translation. Or their jokes and poetry that don’t grab the English ear when you hear them in translation (think Pushkin in Russian. beautiful in his native tongue, but wholly ordinary when translated). Natives face this same problem, and I now realize how wrong I was, and that each tribe’s language is more important than ever. If it is lost, so much is lost with it.

That is why the recent trend of using technology, apps for smartphones, and video games for gaming platforms which teach both language and Native legends and stories are so awesome. Upper One games in Alaska has created a game called “Never Alone” which teaches a traditional Alaskan Native legend and other cultural ideas. Apps like Navajo Toddler from Tinkr Labs is designed to familiarize young natives with their language, and hopefully make it easy to learn later on in life. Those whole idea is one of the best I’ve ever heard, and I hope it continues. We encourage all people to learn and study technology, which is where everything is these days anyway – and support your native community by doing your part in helping to preserve our sovereign cultures for the ages.

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