Historical Trauma Effects on Poverty & Nutrition for Native Americans

What does historical trauma mean to you? If you didn’t directly experience something, how could it possibly affect you and your life today? I used to think that “historical trauma” was a ridiculous myth for exactly that reason, and people should just get over the wrongs of the past. I completely agreed that what happened was horrible, but since nothing had happened to us directly, it shouldn’t be an issue.

However, one thing I failed to realize, was this historical trauma was a complete and total disruption of the Native way of life. Before it occurred, Natives had a very specific way of life and culture, and knew exactly where they fit into it. When you destroy that, Natives of today have to find a new place in society, and create a new culture from scratch. Unfortunately, due to the conditions forced upon them, that culture is sadly one of poverty more often than not. This is something even well off tribes suffer today, since money does not solve the MINDSET of poverty. It is a culture all its own, and it is why you hear stories of poor people winning the lottery, and going bankrupt within a few short years. The money did nothing to solve the underlying problem – they were still poor even when they had money in their pockets.

This is the discussion we tackle on today’s Puyallup Native Podcast. Listen and download the audio file directly by clicking here.

We also discuss the first annual conference on Native health, which discusses some of the dietary problems facing natives today. As it turns out, historical trauma is very closely linked to bad eating habits. As we know, this goes hand in hand with poverty as well. If you have ever known poor people in your life, as I have, you know that they fill their cupboards with… food that isn’t exactly the best. We discuss some of the habits we have seen over the years, and hopefully offer some solutions to breaking that cycle. We finish the show with a few food related stories including a man in his 90’s who crashed through the side of a restaurant in his car, then calmly got out and ordered breakfast.

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