America Hates Natives – Political Wars and the 100,000 Acre Land Grab

OK, I’m seriously starting to get tired of talking about how much the United States seems to hate the native community.

First up, a new study out says that while 90% of natives are in no way offended by native mascots, viewing them might be affecting the views and biases of the general public. Specifically, viewing a native sports mascot makes them more likely to think of natives as warlike. and that’s just fine with me, because i’m starting to think a war is just what the doctor ordered. Especially when I read this

This  describes the Public Land Initiative, a congressional bill: which seeks to do a lot of things, but most importantly, to give oil and gas companies access to trust land – that the native Ute nation DOESN’T WANT. If they DID want it, they could invite the companies on the reservations themselves and lease the land to them and take their piece of the profits. What’s the point of owning and controlling land, if the government can just decide you’re wrong and they just decide out of nowhere that you should be doing something else?? Stupid.

I don’t like it, I don’t like shifting control of land away from the natives, when in my opinion MORE control should be in native hands, for them to decide what to do with it as they wish – even if (and especially if) that decision is to do nothing with it. It’s inspiring to see the protests up at Standing Rock, but it’s time for all of us to get louder about more things, and write your congressman – really. It makes a difference, and this is a bill which WILL be voted on. Writing your congressman and letting them know how you feel absolutely affects the way they vote and represent the interests of their district. Listen to the full show online by clicking here, and share the audio files with your friends by directing them to our website at

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