Injured Tree Frog, Smoking Natives, & Terrible Schools

What would you do, if you were out mowing the lawn and ended up accidentally running over and injuring a frog? Would you not care and just move on with your day? or would you take more… drastic measures to save that frogs life? Well, on today’s Puyallup Tribal Podcast, the more involved approach is the subject of the first story we read. It’s fun, entertaining, and informative. So download the show for free by clicking right here and enjoy more stimulating Native talk radio!

Then we go into the fact that for every race group other than Native Americans, the number of smokers has gone down, while for Natives it has actually gone up – to 39%. Brandon takes the position that people really should be able to do whatever they want, even if that activity happens to be harmful. He stops short of smoking in the presence of children, something I really didn’t have a problem with either. I think we both would rather see a healthier native population (I am not a smoker and neither is Brandon) but neither of us wants to see smoking outlawed.

Near the end of the segment, I recount the story of trying to get fired from my job at Fry’s Electronics in Sacramento which including lighting up a big cigar right at the checkout counter. I didn’t get fired. I eventually had to quit.

In the second segment we talk about the horrendous conditions of schools run by the Bureau of Indian Education. 40% of Native students don’t graduate high school. only 20% are proficient in mathematics (to what level I don’t know. It’s not noted in the article, but Algebra is of the Devil. I made it as far as Algebra II in college).

The article is based on a 10 minute documentary video entitled “America’s Underdogs: Students In Crisis, which we encourage you to watch.

We discuss all this and more, so download right now and listen to the show!

Cliff and Brandon are registered members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and host the Tribal Podcast each and every week with his brother Brandon with all our past episodes available online. They talk about native issues in the news and anything of interest to Native Americans!

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