Selling Sacred Artifacts At Auction, Hate Mail & Redskins Update

Listen, I have a FANTASTIC idea to make some money. I know of this sacred Indian land, what say we dig up all the precious treasures and sell them at auction! No? Not a good idea you say? Well, unfortunately that’s exactly what is happening at an auction house in France. The only thing worse than the desecration of sacred items by putting them up for sale, are the folks actually buying these items. I’m not sure who these people are, but I can tell you they aren’t invited over for thanksgiving dinner.

We also got a hate mail from Kevin in South Dakota! He tells us how wrong we are on everything but gives absolutely no specifics. Kind of a fun letter though.

Last, we update you on the latest in the redskins name controversy with columnist Jay Rosenstein who totally disagrees with the way the survey was done (it was a phone survey). My favorite part was his assessment of the people who believe themselves to be native, but aren’t. For the record, those people are wrong. Just because you were born in America does NOT make you a native American. Of course, there is no indication that these were the people surveyed (although who knows).

Here is the direct link to today’s show. Listen and enjoy! Direct your comments (as Kevin did) to or comment on the facebook page.

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