Tribal Weed & Failure To Innovate

Some tribes are lucky enough to have reservations near major cities, which results in extremely successful casinos. What if you’re hours away from anything in an economically depressed area though? A casino isn’t going to generate anything if no one comes. Well, an Oregon tribe in just that situation thinks they have the answer – Marijuana. Right now their per capita is set at just $25 a month, down from the $100 they received previously. With this new opportunity, they hope to turn their terrible casino location into the perfect weed growing operation and bring some much needed capital to a tribe that desperately needs it.

In the 2nd segment, we talk about business who were at the top of their industries, and lost it all because they failed to innovate. We talk briefly about how that same situation can happen to anyone if you do not look to the future and anticipate market changes or otherwise simply work to maintain the status quo rather than to explore ways to strengthen their revenue streams. If you fail to plan for future troubles, you kind of deserve it when you lose everything.

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