Family Values & Pe Sla Land Controversy

What does family mean to you? How has the definition of family changed over the years, and is it important to you still today? Do you consider your tribe part of your family, and if not why?
Do tribes today have an obligation to promote our culture and do we need a place where we can come together and practice that culture?

These are questions asked and answered in this week’s 30 minute Puyallup Tribal Podcast. These important issues are ones that concern each and every tribe currently in America, and I for one applaud the brave South Dakota tribes who purchased their historically sacred land legally, and are currently in a fight against the State Government who is opposing their move to put Pe Sla into trust status.

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Segment 1: Family and the changing definition in the last 40 years.

Segment 2: Pe Sla land controversy including comments from SD State Governor and our opinions on it, and why it matters to all tribes and tribal members now living today

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