Listener Mail & The Role Of Government

We’ve rescheduled the addiction topic until next week in favor of this one, because we had Annette Bryan who is currently running for Puyallup Tribal Council join us! Elections will be held June 6th, so if you’re a member of the the Puyallup Tribe, don’t forget to vote! Visit Annette’s website at

Here is the direct download link to this weeks program

Segment 1: Listener mail. We read a few letters that came in to, and commented on tribal housing and taxes, as well as how we should feel about the atrocities committed against our people in the past and how we should feel and react to them.

Segment 2: The role of Government today. Brandon summed up my opinion nicely when he says I believe in autonomy, with oversight. Annette & Brandon give their opinions as well.

Join us next week when we will post the discussion of addiction among Natives!

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